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COURSE in "Hindi"

Created by - Campus Sigma with "Private Label Rights"

  • 4+ hours of Video Training Content
  • HD Video Resolution in .MP4 Format
  • 10 lectures explained all basics of JAVA
  • No Branding was used and no trainer's face
  • The content was created in March 2023
  • White-label JAVA video training course created in the Hindi Language.
  • Multiple choice Questions with Answer set
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10 lessons || 4+ hours Lecture || HD Videos

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Course Overview:

Lesson 1: Introduction to JAVA

  • Introduction to the Java programming language, history, and features.

Lesson 2: Setting up the Development Environment

  • Installing and setting up the Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • And Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Eclipse, NetBeans, or IntelliJ IDEA.

Lesson 3: Variables and Data Types

  • Understanding data types in Java, declaring variables
  • And working with different data types such as int, double, boolean, and String..

Lesson 4: Operators and Expressions

  • Understanding operators in Java, arithmetic operators, relational operators, logical operators, and bitwise operators.

Lesson 5: Control Statements

  • Understanding control statements in Java, such as if-else statements, switch statements, for loops, while loops, and do-while loops.

Lesson 6: Arrays

  • Understanding arrays in Java, one-dimensional and multi dimensional arrays, declaring and initializing arrays, and working with arrays.

Lesson 7: METHODS

  • Understanding methods in Java, declaring and invoking methods, method arguments and return types, and method overloading.

Lesson 8: Object-Oriented Programming

  • Understanding object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts such as classes, objects, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Lesson 9: Exception Handling

  • Understanding exception handling in Java, try-catch blocks, handling checked and unchecked exceptions.

Lesson 10: Input/Output (I/O) Streams

  • Understanding input/output streams in Java, reading and writing files, working with standard input/output streams

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Lesson 1: Introduction to JAVA PROGRAMMING

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What does the PLR course stand for?

PLR products are digital products such as ebooks, articles, videos, and software that are created by someone else and are available for purchase with a license that allows the buyer to use, edit, and rebrand the product as their own.


Why would you buy a PLR product?

You may buy a PLR product if you want to create content for your business quickly without starting from scratch. PLR products can save time and money and can be customized to fit the buyer's needs.


Who owns the content authority?

We, Campus Sigma (A company under Sigmate Enterprises PVT. LTD.) are the content creator and we have all the rights to our products. All the products purchased from our website by the buyer will have to follow our terms and conditions and any violation in selling our products in the wrong manner will violate our contract and strict action should be taken by the company on such violations.


What are the restrictions on using a PLR product?

The restrictions on using a PLR product depend on the license that comes with the product. Our PLR products have some restrictions on how they can be used or sold. The Main restriction we do want all buyers to follow is not to resale our course as a white-label course.


How much does this PLR product cost?

The cost of this PLR course is only Rs.2499 with lifetime validity. You no need to pay any extra apart from this for this PLR course. We also update the courses from time to time and we will inform you prior to updates.


What is provided in this "PLR" course?

We will provide, 10 High Definition recorded Video lectures with theory and Practical sessions. The duration of the course is 4 hours and the format of the Video is .MP4. You will get 1 Multiple choice question set as well.

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  • Saves time and effort: Creating a course from scratch can be time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. By purchasing a ready-made PLR course, you can save time and effort as you don't have to create the course content yourself.
  • Affordable: Ready-made PLR courses are often more affordable than hiring a team to create a course from scratch. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses or individuals who may not have the budget for a full course creation team.
  • Easy to sell: If people are looking to sell courses as part of their business, PLR courses can be a great way to get started. They can be resold as-is, or customized to meet the needs of their specific target audience. This can help people generate revenue and grow their businesses without spending a lot of time or money on course creation.


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